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Full Measure Co.

Client: SALT Beer

Merchandise Design

Our Manifesto:

Design for everyone, but do it our way.

Tradition is outdated.

Follow our instincts and experiment through the fusion of styles.

We are shamelessly salty and strive to simply have fun.

Let's get saltier:

Extending Salt’s consumer base to the Gen- Z craft curious by making SALT saltier through the use of

hedonistic puns and illustrative elements to communicate post-modern irony.

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The creative vision

An eclectic collection of ironic, crude, and comedically relatable illustrations with elements of explicit language (easily censored). With hand-drawn illustrations allowing for an element of authenticity and creative relatability to engage with the craft-curious consumer.

The heritage and industrial elements of the ‘perfectly imperfect’ concept resonated with consumers in relation to the visual style, but they preferred the accessibility of the ‘oh so punny’ concept. Integrating beer-related photography as a second element was a response to consumer testing, and using a mono risograph effect to elevate the designs to a more heritage-based look to the product whilst maintaining the light-hearted elements and pun-based tone.

The incorporation of the hexagon print on the garment collars and sleeve cuffs was a creative response to visiting the SALT brewery; including the print for the hexagonal carpets on the garments is to relate to the core value notion of heritage that SALT holds dear.

The Pitch:

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