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Nous Pas Eux

Final Year, Self-devised project

T-shirt, Zine and Film

Nous Pas Eux Zine is formulated from the idea and concept that the t-shirt as a medium of message remains authentic within the hands of independent creatives...

Both the zine and short film focus on the process of the craft, and the documentation of this allows the consumer to have a greater connection with and appreciation for the human effort behind the garment.

The physical execution

Wholly encompassing the rebellious feeling of a countercultural,
subversive movement, combining dystopian undertones, postmodern irony, and elements of visual DIY punk zine culture with the unapologetic tone of Sleazenation.
Featuring a humorous, deconstructed piece of latrinalia
commentating on life through post-modern irony to represent the non-commercial tone of voice alongside relating to the consumers’ consumed media.

The creative vision

Created as an A3 beakbook zine as a small collectible item, printed on fine G.S. Smith Taiko brown paper (like baking paper), where the print lays on top of the material, it feels fragile and archival and conceptually reminds one of an artefact.


Short film vision

Fast panning shots and close-ups of the intricate
process of treating, printing, and curing, focusing on the human element and effort behind the production process.
Presenting the A.O.F. production unit space and the people within it, their interactions with one another, documenting their relationships and personalities, and the community essence behind the brand. Shots of the boxes in the stock
area, all products in them were printed by hand, by the very hands in that production unit. The warm tones of the cardboard and lighting create a holistic feeling of connectivity and community. Documenting the human interactions throughout the printing and packaging processes. Scribble font descriptors for the steps of the DTG printing process.

The idea was that it would be a subscription based zine where each month invites a different collaborator, a different brand highlight and to create a collab t-shirt with the Nous Pas Eux branding.

By starting the launch issue with AOF it allows the zine to reach their wide consumer base.

Once the zine as a brand is established then collaboration with smaller independent print makers means they get boosted up by the larger brands,
a leg up if you will to aid the survival of the authenticity and the craft.

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