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Eye Sore Zine

Photography Zine

8 Diptyques

"You have successfully made beautiful pictures of ugly things. The final set of images is very interesting to look at, especially because they are things most would not give attention to in reality. 

You have demonstrated greater knowledge of ways to engage photographically with everyday spaces and places"

David Summerill

A zine consisting of black and white diptyches of brutalist architecture and so-called 'disgusting' things, hence the name Eye Sore.

Shortly after launching the zine at

Notts Zine Fest 2022, it then became stocked on the Crate Mags website.

The creative vision

The aesthetic choice of shooting these images in black and white was to allow the depth and textures of the 'ugly' subjects to appear, showcasing the intricacies of these subjects and thus demonstrating their true elegance despite the 'eye sore' they cast on a landscape. The harsh, geometrically structured composition, with sharp corners and strong lines, was meant to reflect and mimic the brutalist architecture itself. The showcased set of images was selected to, hopefully, encourage the viewer to appreciate the beauty within the mundane.

Zine flick through video here

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