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Client: Karma Vintage

Content creation 

Styling, Photography, editing and reels

Karma Vintage is a soaring phoenix emerging from Cobden Place within the heart of Nottingham's vintage independent scene.

Supporting independent, sustainable businesses is a value I hold dear.

I work closely with the company's director, Kessia, to create content that not only executes her vision but also captures the essence of the brand through styling, photography, graphic design, and copy, suitable for the Karma Vintage Instagram alongside reels of video content.

These layered graphic edits were inspired by traditional DIY punk culture, riot grrrl zines, and the resurgence of material exploration and rebellious self-expression.

With small elements on each copy relating to the brand's tone of voice.

Incorporating photography of the store and some styling, layered with textures and scribbles to wholly embody the Karma essence, be unapologetic, and be authentic.

The creative vision

new stock promotional styling shots

'Find Us' Carousel

Dot 2 Dot Posters

Karma's not a bitch, photostory


A small photography series documenting Karma Vintage's director and guests going through the process of getting ready to attend the Notts Native fashion show, which features Karma-styled outfits.

The Karma essence is supported by being authentic and unapologetically yourself; this influenced the choice of using candid, "decisive-moment' photography for the photostory. It allows an insight, on a personal and intimate level, into the life of the human behind the brand, reintroducing the human element within a brand-specific, content-heavy social media page. While all featured models are wearing garments from the brand, there is a subtle element of promotion as the story focuses on the narrative.

Shot on a Canon PowerShot digital camera from 2007, the powerful flash and slight grain (from age) reinforce and reflect the vintage 'vibe' through the lens itself. For a store that specialises in Y2K fashion, it was a creative decision to shoot the content with a camera from the era of the clothing.

Notts Native Fashion SHow

Fashion Show Photography c. Jasmine Quinlan

For the Notts Native Fashion Show held at Bustler, Sneinton Market, Nottingham, Karma Vintage was asked to participate amongst five other independent Nottingham-based creative brands to showcase their selection of clothing.

I was tasked with styling six outfits that embodied the Karma essence and could communicate the range of differentiating decades of the clothing stocked; demonstrating the variety while incorporating the current key pieces from the store: 90s rave corduroy trousers, a 70s denim jumpsuit, a multi-coloured knitted Gant sweater vest, etc.

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