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Not for Everyone

Live Client TSPTR

Zine Publishing

Classified document-style zine based on the idea of a 're-discovery revolution' to celebrate TSPTR's SS22 collection.

"Zine concept and production is exceptional

It’s ingenious and works as both a beautiful object and a set of objects. It doesn’t look like anything produced by TSPTR, yet feels perfectly on-brand, which makes it creatively daring and innovative."

Simon Rudkin

content variations

A 'classified document' containing a range of different physical elements: photography, poetry, novel extracts, etc.

Each one of the 10 zines was slightly different from the next, adding an element of exclusivity.

The images are inspired by classic dystopian films, referring to our nightmarish Orwellian society while also staying close to the core of the TSPTR brand.

The creative vision


A Clockwork Orange

2001: A Space Odyssey

THX 1138


The dystopian element was introduced because it felt like a direct reflection of the subject matter: rediscovery as a break from digital life.

The photography was printed on a range of different papers, including tracing paper, baking paper, and thick cartilage paper, creating a sensory exploration and experience while engaging with the present content.

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