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Hopelessly Hooked

Interactive zine spread

Instant photography photo story

An instant photography photo story documenting technology-obsessed youths to inspire the change.

With a narrative founded upon the idea and concept that individuals are 'glued to their screens, so to speak, the choice to photograph the series using a Fujifilm Instax mini Polaroid camera was to reinforce the message of encouraging people to get off their phones and to intuitively experience daily life, an analogue photography form for an analogue-inspired message.

The Creative Vision

Hometown Magazine is printed on 7 different types of paper; therefore, the consumer values a physical sensory experience. The polaroid photo story has no final layout as the consumer can choose to view the images in their own way, hence the physical brown paper envelope filled with all the images. The Dymo label title also plays into the idea of a physical sensory experience as it is 3D, while also tying back to the photo story narrative of inspiring people to get off their phones and be present.

Creative Concept Boards


Final chosen concept

Trial shots

Day in the life, Henri Cartier Bresson inspired decisive moment photo story

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